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Kullad: A journey from tradition to style statement

While Anoop was having his regular morning walk, he noticed a new roadside tea stall (named chai chuski) with a few tables was being set up in his locality. Out of curiosity, he went to enquire about the owner and his motive to commence such a joint. He was shocked when he learned that the joint was run by four friends who have completed their MBA degree from a reputed college. And the motive was to promote environment conservation by using disposable mud cups i.e., “Kullad” or “Kullhar”.

Long before the invention of metal utensils, our forefathers have used utensils and storage items made of mud only. Some of these items were reusable along with being completely disposable and eco-friendly. As we all know terracotta or a mud cup is an eminent part of the rich heritage. These were used to serve hot beverages and were generally disposed of after one use. But, with the advancement in technology and invention of kitchen utilities, the kullad kept losing its position. But, then with the alarming use of plastic disposables cups and their adverse effect on the environment people again moved towards long forgotten culture of “kullads”.

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