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Lauren Singer started her zero waste lifestyle journey back in 2012 and has since produced very little garbage, as she shows on her blog Trash is for Tossers. She posts about how best to compost, how to make zero waste dog treats, and even general cooking tips, like “How To Cook and Bake with Common Kitchen Waste Items.” Her aim is to diligently recycle and compost everything and send nothing to the landfill.

“I believe that if I am going to take nutrients from the earth (through consuming food) that I should put them back (by diligently composting).”

And she doesn’t stop there—Lauren’s zero waste policy extends to other areas, as she runs the Package Free Shop, which sells products that help people reduce their waste. The online store sells anything and everything from Zero Waste Oral Hygiene and Shave kits to Cleaning and Shopping Market kits. She also posts blog articles about recycling clothes and zero waste beauty routines.

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