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Consumerism is scoring high in this new age of fight between destruction and compensation . We can influence the world by the way we consume. Every action we take has a consuming effect, this is because people need to survive their potential by way of consuming and reproducing that energy they have gained. Our daily  life requires us to consume to keep our bodies active. It is a chain reaction, we wake up we need to eat to work , and so we work to eat. But now the time has come to delicately design how we eat, and what we eat, or how we use and what we use.

Heres a little something for all the curiosity evoken beings of today ! Have you been in a relationship where you have used it only for a particular purpose that lasts from 6 minutues to 6 months and the only way to dispose it is to leave it out of sight ? Yes. We may agree to disagree but we all are currently living with one. Everything is prefered when it is made easy . Our one click away lifestyle has changed the game for the way we carry ourselves. Everything is at the reach of one click starting from water, food , groceries , utilities, imported goods, local products, entertainment and even health care. This needs alot of support which acts as a medium to carry out these functions faster and quicker, here comes the villain ! SINGLE USE PLASTIC. We depend on single use plastic more than we need to, like Nat Geo says “We depend on plastic , now we are drowning in it”.single use plastic has been a part of mankind so much that it is almost outweighing the time we have lived without it , not by means of the duration but in terms of quantity such as cutlery, packaging, straws and containers.

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